About Kayla

My name is Kayla Serpa. I am a recent college grad from York College CUNY. I studied Communications Technology with a concentration in Video Production. Looking back what really got me into learning the world of video producing and editing all started with my Dad decided when I was around 5th, 6th grade to go back to school and study web design. He learned Dreamweaver and Photoshop and saw that I was interested in what he was doing. He decided to show me around Photoshop and from there I grew to love designing in Photoshop (this was around Photoshop 7) I had collaged several photos together and entered into my local school’s Reflections contest and won in my category. Through high school I continued to explore using the computer creatively. When it came time for me to head to college I had the aim to study audio engineering. I wanted to combine my love for music and my passion for computers. When I took the intro class for audio in college, I found that I did not enjoy it and found it hard to swallow. At the same time I was taking an intro to video class, I found that I enjoyed working with video more. I loved the process of putting together a story visually. Having transferred schools I made sure I entered a program where putting together a story visually was of optimal importance along with gaining friends and connections.

I have an interest in video editing and taking footage and putting together a cohesive story. I am able to work pre production and also during the production process. I have worked with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects and InDesign. I have dabbled in Dreamweaver. I worked with Final Cut Express and have a basic understanding of Final Cut. I have played with animation in After Effects and hope to learn more about 3D design and printing. I find that Google has become a close friend in my pursuit for knowledge and is my go to source for all my needs in my problem solving pursuits.